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SHL Telemedicine, developer of SmartHeart®, the world's first portable 12-lead ECG technology & cardiology review service, is collaborating with VSA to help manage multiple facets of its business, including D2C and B2B sales and inbound customer service support.

HADDONFIELD, N.J. - JerseyDesk -- For more than two decades, VSA Prospecting has prided itself on finding new and innovative ways to help its clients grow their businesses. In the words of one of the company's core values: "We rise above every challenge and forge new roads."

That core value has been on full display during VSA's recent alliance with SHL Telemedicine, developer of SmartHeart®, the leading global electrocardiogram technology. The company is collaborating with VSA to expand its presence in the United States.

SmartHeart offers the world's first portable 12-lead ECG device, complete with 24/7 access to U.S.-based board-certified cardiologists. The company's technology solutions and advanced telemedicine services for diagnosis and monitoring of the heart have reduced mortality rates and countless unnecessary hospitalizations since 1987.

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SmartHeart is utilizing VSA's vast experience to engage with consumers and medical professionals regarding its next-generation technology, as well as to handle a full slate of sales-related responsibilities.

The multi-tiered program is one of the most sophisticated in VSA's 22-year history. In addition to serving as SmartHeart's inside sales team and running D2C (direct to consumer) and B2B (business to business) outbound campaigns, VSA is providing full-time inbound customer service support. VSA regularly performs each of these tasks separately for individual clients, but the SmartHeart program has allowed VSA, for the first time, to combine such a wide array of services for a single client.

"With every client, our goal is to forge new roads and pursue excellence and innovation, and our alliance with SmartHeart has been a great example of that mindset," says VSA Senior VP of Operations Dawn Stolte. "It's a testament to (CEO) Valerie Schlitt's emphasis on our core values and our team's willingness to embrace new ideas and come up with new approaches. When we are faced with new challenges, we thrive on asking, 'How can we make this happen?' "

The alliance with SmartHeart has showcased VSA's wide range of skills and services, including:
  • VSA's Business Development Representatives are responsible for the entire sales process—even demonstrating the product for prospects. This has necessitated development of a new coaching and training process, including direct training from doctors.
  • VSA has leveraged years of investment in HIPAA and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance to meet SmartHeart's strict software and cybersecurity requirements.
  • VSA's powerful omnichannel contact center technology allows the company's reps to efficiently and securely engage with prospects on SmartHeart's behalf. For example, the PCI-compliant platform protects credit card information during purchasing transactions.
"Every new client program presents unique and exciting challenges, and it's always great to see how the team responds," says Christina Louka, VSA's Program Manager for the SmartHeart campaign. "That's certainly been the case with SmartHeart. We're not only becoming an extension of their company, but actual experts in what SmartHeart does and are handling every aspect of their sales team. It's been very inspiring to be a part of this program and see how hard everyone is working to ensure it's a success."

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