Bruns-Pak offers The Data Center Life-Cycle Assessment for 2021
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Assessing your Data Centers Electrical, Mechanical and Fire Suppression Systems is key to lifecycle management.

EDISON, N.J. - JerseyDesk -- Why Your Data Center Needs a Life-Cycle Assessment
The complexity of a data center makes the ongoing lifecycle management daunting. In addition to managing the lifecycle of the IT Equipment to keep up with current technology and your ever changing business requirements, one must also consider the underlying infrastructure equipment (cooling systems and power systems) that support them. In some cases, if one piece of this critical support equipment fails, it could cost you valuable business and money. That is why it is critical to manage the lifecycle of your data center equipment in a way that optimizes performance while reducing downtime by performing a thorough lifecycle assessment. A comprehensive assessment should identify any ongoing equipment maintenance issues, as well as leverage energy efficiency with new technology and other potential ways to save money on operating costs. It can provide you insight into if certain equipment/components are beyond their recommended lifecycle replacement windows or at extreme exposure/risk to interruption of the ongoing data center production environment. In addition, an assessment can identify whether or not certain  equipment/components are longer supported by manufacturer and/or spare parts availability.The Data Center Life-Cycle Assessment.

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Why Trust BRUNS-PAK to Perform Your Lifecycle Assessment
BRUNS-PAK works with organizations to strategize and implement nimble, cost effective approaches to deploying and managing IT and facility infrastructure. With more than 6,000 completed projects in 38 years and an unmatched record of success, we have helped clients across all industries, including higher education, finance, insurance, healthcare, shipping, retail, manufacturing, and government, by creating robust design/build solutions for mission-critical data centers that balance ultra-reliability with QoS demands, storage challenges, environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, and capital cost control. BRUNS-PAK has perfected the best practices for IT professionals to assess the health and next steps for their data center strategy and plan.

The Data Center Lifecycle Assessment Process
The lifecycle assessment should be completed for each of your organization's data centers over 3 years in age. You should re-certify your data centers on an annual basis. During our assessment, we will review each of three areas and provide a health check rating on a scale for 1 to 10 for 19 categories of equipment. If you pass, we will certify your lifecycle assessment so your organization can prove compliance and data integrity. BRUNS-PAK experts work on-site to review all of the equipment and processes used in your data center. We then provide a thorough written assessment encompassing the electrical/fire protection/mechanical infrastructure.

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