Calvetta Phair, CEO of America's Workforce Solution, LLC, Charitable Partner - 'The On It Foundation' Qualify to Distribute Google Career Certificates
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Grow With Google America's Workforce Solution, LLC
America's Workforce Solution, LLC (AWS) Charitable Partner – The On It Foundation, a National 501(c)(3) Non-Profit has received a Grow with Google Partner Grant to distribute Google Career Certificate Scholarships from the Coursera Academy in Data Analytics, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, IT Automation with Python, IT Support, Project Management and UX Design. The Partnerships Workforce Initiative – 'Super Champions' will work to increase IT Skill Sets and Career Development opportunities.

MIAMI - JerseyDesk -- Calvetta Phair, CEO of America's Workforce Solution, LLC (AWS); provides Professional and Business Services to include Staffing, Sourcing and Recruitment for Department of Defense (DoD) Prime Contractors, Small Businesses and the Public/Private sectors. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, with a satellite office in Atlanta, GA, AWS services are provided internationally. AWS National Charitable Partner - 'The On It Foundation', is a 501 (c)(3) public-non-profit providing free computers with STEAM virtual and onsite events to K-12 student and their families that receive a free or reduced school lunch, attend a public / home school and reside within the United States. Founded by Ms. Phair in 1999, the organization has been providing free resources to families in need of computers and 21st Century Skill Sets for over 22 years.

Ms. Phair has also created a staffing application ReferAll, which mobilizes Ms. Phair's current business model by streamlining the referral sourcing and recruitment process while providing a social enterprise component, (Powered by The On It Foundation). "Over 45% of employee hires come from referrals. Referred candidates offer longevity and higher morale in a company – yet companies still spend more money on job boards instead of employee referral programs," states Ms. Phair. ReferAll's Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is currently being piloted to small / enterprise businesses as well as the federal/public sectors in the United States.

"I'm honored to participate in the Google Certificate Scholarship Program! My passion to create and implement workforce development programs/software, allows me the opportunity to assist those wanting to gain 21st Century Technological Skill Sets while empowering oneself with Personal Development goals of obtaining IT Digital Certifications, and for free! The Google+Coursera Digital Training and Certificates are courses in Data Analytics, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, IT Automation with Python, IT Support, Project Management and UX Design," states Ms. Phair. "The Workforce Partnership initiatives goal is to provide opportunities of Empowerment, Self- Development for individuals to become a 'Super Champion'. I recall being told that I needed a 'Champion' – Someone to help open a door for me due to the fact that I didn't have the contacts of influence within my network at the time. A 'Champion' helps you get the interview thus the new job or promotion. A 'Champion' helps you 'close the deal'. A 'Champion' helps you get the funding you need for the project you're creating or better yet – writes the check. AWS will offer 1:1 Mentoring, Career Development and assist in Job Placement for recipients that sign up to become a 'Super Champion', as well as provide Customized Employee/Community Engagement Programs for Corporate Partnership.  I WANT TO BE THAT 'CHAMPION' to someone and assist under-served and underemployed individuals in becoming their own 'Super Champion'," states Ms. Phair.

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"The On It Foundation receives hundreds of requests for computers daily – validating the Digital Divide is ongoing. If there is one computer in the home, our research has found that the demographic impact reach includes all individuals in the home, possibly the neighbor and those coming to that home to use the computer. And with over 30% of our current workforce remote, and many educational institutions also offering remote learning; our organization have seen a tremendous reduction in donated computers we provide to our K-12 recipients," states Ms. Phair. "Being agile to pivot and find creative strategies to obtain donated computers systems, and provide 21st Century Skill Sets to our Communities, is our organization's strength," Ms. Phair noted.

Navigating through the challenges of securing donated computers, we have implemented the following new initiatives for those within the United States wanting to gain Next Generation Technology (NGT):
  • We have launched our PSA for promoting our Resident Services Program to Multi-Housing Units with computers, discounted Internet service, Digital Learning, Career/Job Readiness Programs and virtual STEAM Events directly to the residents for home ownership. NGT Digital Learning via STEAM Programs. You may view our PSA at the following link:
  • We have launched a new Shopify store whereas our Vendor(s) will donate a percentage of the computer purchase to The On It Foundation. NGT utilizing IoT On It Shopify Store: via our Jump On It Program
  • Get On It Program – First Computer Crowdfunding site created during the pandemic for accepting donations so we may purchase discounted computers for recipients uploading their request while we provide free resources per their zip code. NGT utilizing Big Data and AI.
The pace of technological change in today's economy has never been greater, according to The On It Foundation. "The marketplace in the 21st century will add over 20 million jobs to the American economy. Our mission is to help educate our young people to fill them," Ms. Phair said. "Students without computers and STEAM education will not be able to compete academically with other students who have access to technology in the home. The On It Foundation is working to bridge this technology gap through its mission to provide free computers and 21st Century skill sets to under-served households with children in grades K-12 that meet the required income guidelines."

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Our Participation in the Google Certificate Scholarship Program will assist in our Mission's expansion of assisting individuals to gain invaluable IT skill sets and certification at no cost. For information on partnering with Ms. Phair to assist her Mission in building a stronger workforce and help our youth and young adults gain Next Generation Technology (NGT), please reach out directly per the websites below.

America's Workforce Solution (AWS) provides strategic, innovative and enterprising workforce initiatives to assist in collaborative methods for serving the needs of our nation's individuals and businesses. AWS is an Economically Disadvantage Small Minority Women Owned Business (EDWOSB) with Global demographics marketing to DoD, government, public and private sectors. AWS services are provided nationwide and all contract engagements include a 'Community Giving Back Program' to provide STEM education and career alternatives via The On It Foundation – a national 501 (c)(3) public charitable non-profit. Both companies work in tandem as a 'social enterprise' GREEN and sustainability model.

Founded in 1999, The On It Foundation's – [Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology] mission is dedicated to providing free computers along with computer training, STEM education and Internet access to low-income families with students in grades K-12 that attend a public/home school, receive a free or reduced school lunch and reside within the United States. The On It Foundation is a National 501(c)(3) public charity non-profit organization providing ongoing year-round services at no-cost to our recipients. For more information, visit


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