Citizens of Mercer County, NJ Sue Election Officials for Voter Disenfranchisement
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Dominion Voting Systems Error Rendered All Tabulators Inoperable

PRINCETON, N.J. - JerseyDesk -- Ten Mercer County, NJ citizens filed a lawsuit in Superior Court on February 14th which contains hundreds of evidentiary facts covering the 2022 and 2023 elections.

Most notably, in 2022, no machines functioned at all on election day. The cause was due to machine vendor Dominion Voting Systems failing to recode ballot ids after a ballot layout change by the County. Just as alarming, the County hid this from the public, and it only came to light when the public demanded a hearing with all the parties involved to explain.

On election day chaos at the polling places was followed by egregious mishandling and counting of ballots afterwards. All together, the result was the violation of the civil, statutory, and constitutional rights of individuals directly involved and indirectly all citizens of the county who were forced to accept an invalid election.

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The 360 page complaint can be read at

Some facts to highlight from it for the 2022 election:
  • The improper move to provisional ballots and recording errors concerning these ballots resulted in at least 759 voters having their votes rejected when they should have been accepted. These voters were disenfranchised.
  • Other voters do not know if their vote was counted as the electronic poll books do not show them as having checked in.
  • Entire bags of votes were misplaced, bags and machines containing ballots were not properly sealed, and at least 1,500 ballots were found left behind in tabulators six days after the election. Chain of custody was destroyed.
  • No tally sheets were created contrary to state statute.
  • The counting of votes was not continuous and public contrary to state statute.
  • There is a 4,849-vote discrepancy between the number of votes the County reported to the public and the number of Election Day votes the County reported to the State and this discrepancy has not been resolved.
A highlight of the orders demanded include:
  • better poll worker training
  • prevention of all identified machine and polling book failures from recurring in future elections
  • public reconciliation of ballots by type for the 2023, 2024, and 2025 primary and general elections
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