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FORKED RIVER, N.J. - JerseyDesk -- Estate Planning is the best way to protect your assets and plan for your family's future. While this may sound like a daunting task, Estate Planning attorney, Brian R. Clancy of Dasti & Staiger offers insights and guidance in tackling this topic.

"Wills are important for everyone. You do not need to be "rich", elderly, or infirm to have a will," explained Clancy. A will provides clear direction to your loved ones settling your estate. "Even a very simple will, will save a tremendous amount of time and money."

"Passing away without a will creates a complex legal situation which invites unnecessary in-fighting amongst loved ones and too often tears families apart," explained Clancy. In the state of New Jersey, loved ones must go to court to resolve your estate if you pass without a will. There is the additional financial burden of obtaining and maintaining a bond with the court, which generally costs several thousand dollars, even for small estates. When disagreements arise, legal costs can very quickly drain money from the estate. "The money from smaller estates is then spent litigating instead of benefiting those closest to you."

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Estate planning begins with a conversation. An experienced attorney meets with a client and provides some options based on the client's specific wants and needs. The attorney then creates a document which reflects the client's estate planning goals. The attorney will draft necessary documents and ensure proper execution to minimize potential challenges down the road.

When a loved one dies, an experienced attorney is invaluable in navigating the often-complex process for admitting wills to probate, appointment of the executor, and administration of the estate in accordance with the law. Probate is the process for administering an estate with a will. An original copy of a will is generally required to move forward. The will is presented to the court who appoints an Executor to administer everything in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. This process varies amongst different states, but the general process remains the same. Wills are probated in the state where the deceased resided at the time of death.

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Whether you need a Last Will and Testament, Living Will, or are involved in an estate of litigation contesting the contents of a Will, Brian R. Clancy and the attorneys at Dasti & Staiger are committed to providing you with attention to detail and superior legal representation to protect you and your family.
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