Comprehensive Oil Tank Sweeps in NJ, NY and PA
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SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J. - JerseyDesk -- Quark Scan Inc. provides comprehensive oil tank sweep services for residential houses of NJ, NY, PA and surrounding states.

For an oil tank sweep, we use not only a metal detector, but also a ground penetrating radar (GPR). With the use of GPR, the uncertainty of results is greatly reduced. Consequently, the needs for exploratory digs, which could cost you much more than the oil tank sweep itself, are often eliminated, Also, not all GPRs are made the same. Most GPRs in the market are made for underground utility locating, not necessarily the best for oil tank sweeps. Our expertise in geophysics enables us to choose the most suitable GPRs currently available for oil tank sweeps. In addition, if there are tank-related pipes such as products lines, vent pipes, and remote fill port pipes, with our extra utility locating skills we can always trace them to the area where they end. Further GPR surveys in these areas could provide evidences of past excavation if the tanks have been removed. This would provide great peace of mind for our clients – you don't have to wonder whether the pipes lead to raised patios/decks or house expansions where underground oil tanks might be hidden. The oil tank sweep in these areas is often not quite effective due to technical difficulties.

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By providing comprehensive oil tank sweeps, we are promoting a better standard for oil tank sweeps. With years of experiences collaborating with the environmental consulting industry, our expertise in oil tank sweeps can surely be relied upon. We offer competitive pricing for our residential clients.

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Source: Quark Scan, Inc.

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