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Learn from Top Experts in Classic Car Restoration and Preservation

MORRISTOWN, N.J. - JerseyDesk -- Inspired Money, a podcast hosted by Andy Wang, discussed the captivating world of classic car restoration in its latest episode, "Classics Reimagined: Restorations and Resurrections in the Car Collecting World." Featuring a distinguished panel of automotive experts, the episode focused on preserving automotive heritage and the art of breathing new life into timeless machines.

Expert Panel:

Bruce Meyer - A prominent businessman and real estate investor in Beverly Hills, Bruce is the Founding Chairman of the Petersen Automotive Museum and continues to serve as an active board member. Renowned for his world-class car collection and his role in elevating hot rods to collectible status, Meyer continues to race and rally his cars internationally.

Ed Bolian - Founder of VINwiki, Ed is known for his record-breaking exploits in the Cannonball Run and for his platform that brings automotive stories to life through crowd-sourced data. His expertise spans high-speed adventures and a deep understanding of automotive culture.

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Lauren Fix - Nationally recognized as "The Car Coach," Lauren is an automotive expert, journalist, and television host whose insights regularly grace platforms such as Car Coach Reports, The Weather Channel, and Inside Edition.

Phillip Griot - CEO of Griot's Motors, Phillip oversees a Tacoma-based business specializing in restoration, consignment, and collector car storage. His upbringing alongside certified car nut Richard Griot instilled in him a lifelong passion for classic cars, which he shares through world-class service and dedication to preserving automotive history.


Restoration as Art
: Explore the meticulous process of restoring classic cars to their former glory, highlighting the craftsmanship and attention to detail that define each restoration project.

Cultural Impact and Preservation: Discuss the cultural significance of classic cars and the role of institutions like the Petersen Automotive Museum and Griot's Motors in preserving automotive heritage for future generations.

Innovation in Automotive Storytelling: Explore VINwiki's innovative approach to sharing automotive narratives and the evolving role of digital platforms in connecting enthusiasts worldwide.

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"We are excited to present this episode of Inspired Money, where guests will offer compelling insights into the passion and dedication behind classic car restoration," says host Andy Wang. "Whether you're an enthusiast, collector, or simply curious about automotive history, this episode is for you."

Listeners are encouraged to watch the full episode on YouTube to gain firsthand knowledge from our distinguished panelists. Visit to tune in.

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