Family Law Expert Bari Z. Weinberger Highlights How Couples Can Sidestep Court Backlog Crisis to Speed Up Divorce
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PARSIPPANY, N.J., Feb. 8, 2024 ~ In the midst of a growing backlog in New Jersey courts, family law expert Bari Z. Weinberger is shedding light on alternative methods for divorcing couples to avoid lengthy delays and reach swift settlements. As the founder and partner of Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, Ms. Weinberger is well-versed in the challenges faced by divorcing spouses in the state's overburdened court system.

In her efforts to raise awareness about these issues, Ms. Weinberger recently published two articles in the New Jersey Law Journal. Titled "Quick Divorce? How Mediation Could Help Solve the NJ Court Crisis" and "A Child Custody Framework for Avoiding Court Delays and Moving Families Forward," these pieces offer valuable strategies for navigating the divorce process outside of the courtroom.

According to Ms. Weinberger, the current state of New Jersey's family courts is dire and urgent. With judicial vacancies and a backlog that has only worsened during the pandemic, thousands of divorce cases are currently stuck in legal limbo. This not only adds frustration to an already complex process but also significantly impacts the outcome of these cases.

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To address this issue, Ms. Weinberger emphasizes the importance of increasing awareness around mediation and other collaborative methods as alternatives to traditional litigation. These methods have been proven to reduce both time and cost compared to getting caught up in the backlog.

In high-conflict divorce matters, Ms. Weinberger suggests seeking help from retired judges or experienced attorneys who provide mediation services. These professionals can offer structure and creative problem-solving techniques that can break through time-consuming legal logjams.

When it comes to child custody matters, Ms. Weinberger recommends enlisting the help of a child custody expert to negotiate mutually acceptable arrangements that prioritize the best interests of the child. She also encourages exploring alternative custody solutions such as "nesting," where parents rotate in and out of the family home while children remain in one place.

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For divorcing spouses with a final restraining order in place, Ms. Weinberger highlights the new Domestic Violence Economic Mediation (DVEM) program. This program provides additional support from mediators who are specifically trained in domestic violence awareness.

Ms. Weinberger stresses that there are many opportunities to ease the burden and frustration of the divorce process for her clients. While fixing the courts remains a top priority, she urges individuals to take advantage of the strong out-of-court options available now, starting with mediation.

In conclusion, Ms. Weinberger states, "Let's spread the word about these options and make 2024 the year that we finally leave the backlog behind." With her expertise and dedication to helping divorcing couples navigate this challenging process, Ms. Weinberger is making a significant impact on the future of family law in New Jersey.
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