Finding Warmth in Winter: CONTACT of Ocean & Monmouth Counties Extends a Compassionate Listening Ear
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TOMS RIVER, N.J. - JerseyDesk -- As winter tightens its grip on the serene landscapes of the Jersey Shore, its chilling touch extends beyond the weather, reaching into the hearts of individuals who find themselves grappling with feelings of withdrawal and depression. The seasonal change can amplify a sense of isolation, making the need for emotional support more crucial than ever. In this frosty landscape, CONTACT of Ocean & Monmouth Counties (CONTACT) emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a compassionate listening ear to those navigating the winter blues.

At the heart of CONTACT's mission is a commitment to providing solace and support to individuals facing emotional distress and loneliness. This non-profit organization boasts a dedicated team of trained telephone listeners, ready to respond to human needs 24 hours a day, every day. Operating on a volunteer basis, CONTACT serves as a lifeline, offering free confidential crisis intervention, valuable information on available resources, and referrals to essential community services.

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Winter, with its shorter days and colder temperatures, often brings about a sense of loneliness and sadness for many. As people withdraw into the warmth of their homes, the risk of experiencing emotional challenges intensifies. CONTACT recognizes the unique struggles that winter can bring and stands ready to provide a supportive presence for those in need.

CONTACT's volunteers are more than just trained listeners; they are empathetic individuals dedicated to creating a safe space for open and honest conversations. Whether someone is grappling with personal crises, loneliness, or simply needs a friendly voice to share their thoughts, CONTACT is there, 24/7, to offer understanding and support.

In times of crisis, the importance of confidentiality cannot be overstated. CONTACT ensures that individuals seeking assistance can express themselves freely, knowing that their conversations are held in the strictest confidence. This commitment to privacy fosters an environment of trust, empowering those in need to reach out without fear of judgement.

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CONTACT stands as a pillar of support, especially during the isolating winter months. In the spirit of community, let CONTACT be the warmth that breaks through the winter chill, reminding everyone that help and understanding are just a phone call away.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, needs help or a listening ear, please call CONTACT's 24/7 Crisis Hotline at 732-240-6100.

About CONTACT of Ocean & Monmouth Counties

CONTACT of Ocean & Monmouth Counties is a non-profit charitable organization that provides trained telephone listeners who respond to human needs 24 hours every day. This volunteer-based organization offers free confidential crisis intervention, information on available resources, and referrals to community services. To learn more, visit

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