Glen Kelly Real Estate Remembers the Huge Football Charity Event and Football Television Commercial in Ocean and Monmouth County NJ
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From the Huge Football Charity Event in Ocean County NJ to Rockstar Legend Band Hoobastank Performing Live, Glen Kelly Real Estate Remains the Real Estate Company Built Upon Charity, Community and Giving Back with a Focus on Ocean and Monmouth County New Jersey! Follow and Participate in Local Charity Events by Following Glen Kelly Online at and Let's All Continue to Make a Positive Difference in Our Communities and Ever Lasting Memories

TOMS RIVER, N.J. - JerseyDesk -- Known for his ambition and philanthropic spirit, Glen Kelly of Glen Kelly Real Estate LLC, had a burning desire to make yet another positive impact on his community, this time with professional football. Reminiscing a few years back, we all synergistically created an opportunity for our community to experience the joy and camaraderie of playing football, beyond normalcy, to a point of playing football with former professional football stars.

Determined to make a huge difference, Glen Kelly Real Estate LLC was able to collaborate with former professional players who had retired from professional football and created their own football based charity.  Everyone was eager to give back to the community. The thought became a reality and the vision of creating a football charity event was born.

These football legends became mentors and coaches, imparting their valuable knowledge and expertise to the young football enthusiasts. These former professional athletes founded their own successful football charity years prior and banned together with Glen Kelly for this special event.  This football charity event was dedicated to empowering children through the sport they loved.

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The football clinic was held at Toms River High School North's football field. Excited children from the community poured into a two day event that made dreams come true. The former pro football superstars performed various football drills, teaching the children the fundamentals of the game, and inspiring them to pursue their dreams.

To further raise the bar for his love of the game, Glen created his own football television commercial.  Creating a football commercial featuring children from the community, as well as his family team of real estate agents was a huge success.  The commercial would be aired during prominent cable television spots in Ocean and Monmouth county NJ.

Glen Kelly Real Estate's success had provided Glen with the means to change lives. Through his unwavering determination, he had created a charity, Eternal Tranquility Program, that united the community, provided opportunities for local residents to get involved, and showcased the power of teamwork and mentorship. Glen's real estate agents that took place in all the charity events made local history with each and every smile created.

Years later, as Glen looked back on his journey, he saw the countless success stories and the transformations that had taken place. Glen's dedication and vision had made a lasting impact, reminding everyone that sometimes all it takes is one person's determination to light a spark that can change a community forever. That spark lit the creation of the Eternal Tranquility Program with Glen Kelly Real Estate LLC and they hosted multiple charities over the years.  From professional football players, wrestlers, rock stars, and even stepping into the ring himself, the end result is putting a smile on a child's face and giving back something positive to the community that is completely unforgettable.

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Glen Kelly Real Estate LLC was founded on the hash tags #charity, #community and #givingback.





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