Live Good Inc. Celebrates Diversity and Unity: A Beacon of Progress in the Spirit of Crissy Field, Angel Island and the Buffalo Soldiers
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Live Good Inc., a student-run eco-friendly company dedicated to promoting diversity and unity, is making waves in the modern era as a beacon of progress reminiscent of the historical significance of Crissy Field, Angel Island and the brave Buffalo Soldiers.

IRVINE, Calif. - JerseyDesk -- Crissy Field, located in San Francisco, California, has long been a symbol of transformation and hope. Initially a military airfield, it underwent a remarkable metamorphosis into a vibrant community space, showcasing the power of human collaboration and the spirit of inclusivity. Historically part of the Presidio of San Francisco, Crissy Field is where pioneers of flight performed many aviation firsts in an attempt to prove that airplanes were safe and reliable. The first successful transcontinental flight across the United States ended at Crissy Field in June 1924. Founded by Jennifer Chi, Live Good Inc. resonates with this history by championing the idea that unity and cooperation are the cornerstones of a healthy and thriving society.

"Live Good was founded in San Francisco 10 years ago. I was living in this city back then and walking on the beach with a view of the magnificent bridge when all of it hit me - the incredible diversity, the progressive history of a culture dedicated to civil liberties and equal rights, and the sense of freedom and love unconditional for all."- Jennifer Chi, Founder and CEO of Live Good

Angel Island, sometimes referred to as the "Ellis Island of the West," holds a unique place in American history. It served as an immigration processing station, welcoming people from diverse backgrounds seeking a better life in the United States. The stories of resilience and the pursuit of the American dream on Angel Island are a testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit. Live Good Inc. follows in the footsteps of this history by creating an environment where individuals from all backgrounds can come together to make a difference.

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The Buffalo Soldiers, a group of African American soldiers who served in the western frontier after the Civil War, embodied courage, determination, and the fight for justice. Their contributions helped shape the nation and break down racial barriers. Live Good Inc. embodies this spirit by actively fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, or background.

"Many people know that I was walking on a beach in Crissy Field with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge when Live Good came to me. But what they don't know is that I was walking along the same path when I received a call from the public interest law firm offering me my very first job out of college a decade earlier. There, I worked directly under the founder of this firm, a civil rights icon who inspired me with her fearlessness and passion to always do good for society. When she died, the city flew the flags at half-mast to honor her legacy.

Years later, while walking along the water and overwhelmed by the energy and raw beauty of that area, I heard the words and felt those who came before me.

That was how Live Good was born." - Jennifer Chi, Founder and CEO of Live Good

Live Good Inc. is a diverse student-run company full of young and hopeful future leaders who understand that diversity and inclusion are essential principles for building a better future.

Some of Live Good Inc.'s notable achievements include:

Diverse Events: Hosting a series of events that celebrate love and unity, fostering understanding and appreciation among participants. Notable events include the Live Good Charity Auction, Lunch with Irvine Mayor, Farrah Khan and the Celebration of Love and Unity Marathon held over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Educational Initiatives: Creating awareness by working with Women in Information and Computer Sciences at UCI to develop programs designed to train women in high-tech and providing a mentorship program for at-risk youth from schools in San Francisco and all the way down the coast of California to promote admission to colleges and impart skills necessary for them to realize their dreams.

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Community Engagement: For the past six years, Live Good team members have volunteered in serving Thanksgiving Dinner to the homeless in LA and Pasadena through USHS and distributing food at Saddleback Church Lake Forest campus drive-through food pantry.

Live Good Inc. is a living testament to the idea that diversity is a strength, and inclusion is the path to progress. Just as Crissy Field transformed from a military installation into a place of community and hope, just as Angel Island welcomed countless newcomers to America, and just as the Buffalo Soldiers broke barriers on the western frontier, Live Good Inc. stands as a shining example of how unity, acceptance, and collaboration can lead to a brighter future for all.

For more information about Live Good Inc. please visit Live Good Inc.

About Live Good Inc.

Live Good is a UCI student-run sustainable company with education and diversity as its core principles. Its mission is to promote ethical business practices, sustainable manufacturing, and human rights in California and around the world.

Live Good was founded in 2012 as a direct response to current unhealthy manufacturing conditions. As a human rights investigator examining factory production in Asia with a focus on human trafficking, Live Good Founder Jennifer Chi saw firsthand the devastating toll present-day mass manufacturing has on human rights and the environment. The company's goal is to model and inspire conscientious manufacturing: promoting local, organic methods that make a positive impact on people and the planet.

The Live Good vision is one of inclusivity, sustainability, and community-orientation. With a focus on humanitarian work, Live Good strives for progress by building bridges and strong partnerships to unify diverse communities.

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