Modern Meadow and Earthletica Announce World's First Sustainable Collaboration on Bronte Jacket Made with Bio-AlloyTM Shield Technology
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~ Modern Meadow and Earthletica Join Forces to Create Sustainable Bronte Jacket

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Modern Meadow and Earthletica have come together to create the Bronte Jacket, a first-of-its-kind lightweight jacket made with Bio-AlloyTM Shield. This innovative biomaterial, developed by Modern Meadow, is not only environmentally-friendly but also delivers high performance in any outdoor conditions.

The Bronte Jacket is named in honor of competitive swimmer and dual Olympic gold medalist and world champion, Bronte Campbell OAM. Campbell will be showcasing the jacket at the 2024 Australian Olympic Swimming Trials, which will take place from June 10 to 15. This event will determine who will represent Australia at the Paris Olympics.

Earthletica, an Australian-based company known for its sustainable and high-performance activewear, is committed to creating products that support a healthy planet. Co-founder Bronte Campbell expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating that Modern Meadow's focus on innovation and sustainability aligns with Earthletica's ethos. She sees this partnership as just the beginning of a long-term relationship to achieve more "world firsts" together.

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The key component of the Bronte Jacket is Bio-AlloyTM Shield, a breathable and waterproof membrane that is PFAS/PFC- and solvent-free. PFAS are highly fluorinated chemicals commonly found in consumer products due to their oil-, stain-, and water-repellent properties. However, these chemicals can remain in the environment forever. In contrast, Bio-AlloyTM Shield offers comparable or better performance without harming the planet.

This membrane is just one of several applications developed by Modern Meadow through its Bio-Alloy™ platform. This proprietary system combines select proteins with bio-based polymers to produce sustainable materials that offer superior performance compared to conventional materials. In Bio-Alloy™ Shield specifically, the proteins allow moisture to move through the material for added breathability while remaining waterproof for ultimate comfort and protection.

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David Williamson, PhD, president and chief operating officer at Modern Meadow, emphasized the company's commitment to creating a more sustainable future through biomaterials. He stated that they see performance and sustainability as an Olympic sport, constantly researching and innovating to find real-world solutions to the fashion industry's environmental challenges.

The collaboration between Modern Meadow and Earthletica on the Bronte Jacket is a testament to their shared mission of enabling the world to transition to sustainable materials. As consumers become more conscious of their impact on the environment, partnerships like this one are crucial in driving positive change in the fashion industry. The Bronte Jacket is just the beginning of what these two companies can achieve together in their pursuit of a more sustainable future.
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