MyiStamp: The Game-Changing Postage Printing Innovation
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myiStamp Inc.
Empowering Users with Enhanced Security and Freedom from Connectivity

NORTH YORK, Ontario - JerseyDesk -- Introducing myiStamp, an innovative, patents pending technology poised to revolutionize postage printing. It is spearheaded by Salim Kara, an industry luminary renowned for transforming postage practices and recognized as the inventor of PC postage by the USPS. "This new technology will redefine the way mail and shipping operations function," says Kara.

In an era of technological advancement, myiStamp stands out as a pioneering solution in the postage industry. It offers a range of cutting-edge features designed to empower users with enhanced security and connectivity freedom.

Key highlights of myiStamp's new, innovative technology:
  1. Offline Functionality: myiStamp operates autonomously without requiring an internet connection, ensuring flawless postage printing even in areas with limited connectivity. This independence guarantees users reliability, particularly in remote or low-connectivity areas, freeing them from reliance on the postage server.
  2. Robust Security Measures: With an unwavering focus on safeguarding customer data, myiStamp assures the utmost security by never storing or sharing customer payment information with its servers. This privacy-centric approach instills confidence in users, assuring them that their sensitive information remains secure.
  3. Postage Generation: Embracing an innovative approach, myiStamp generates indicia directly on the user's device. This not only enhances security and privacy but also introduces cost-effectiveness into the postage printing process, a crucial benefit for businesses of all sizes.
In addition to these technological advancements, myiStamp's solution is highly versatile, catering to various devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and cellphones. Kara adds, "It promises a user-friendly and adaptable experience."

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Salim Kara, a trailblazer in the postage industry, previously founded E-Stamp and Kara Technology, both pivotal in shaping the industry's trajectory. The intellectual property of these pioneering companies was acquired by (Auctane), cementing Kara's status as a visionary in the field. He is joined by his son, Alnoor Kara, as Co-founder and VP of Engineering.

Stay tuned for imminent announcements and significant developments from myiStamp, pending necessary approvals.

myiStamp, Inc. is a leading innovator in digital postage technology. It specializes in simplifying postage payment and printing into a fully integrated, secure system. Mailing and shipping customers can conveniently manage postage payment and printing needs without requiring a persistent Internet connection.

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