Pennsylvania No Points Hard Money Loans
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TEANECK, N.J. - JerseyDesk -- While AccoLend is a nation-wide private hard money lender, we have made
many loans in Pennsylvania. We provide no points hard money loans and all of our underwriting is done centrally in our Tri-State headquarters.

Our ability to rapidly process hard money loans, ground up and joint ventures in Pennsylvania is very unique. We have an incredible infrastructure to process loans in 5-7 days in most (although not all) Pennsylvania counties. We have done business with many local appraisers and are in position to ask for expedited turn-around times for 1-4 family houses (commercial appraisals are more complex). We developed a very good network  of local appraisers and can accommodate fast turnaround time. We know that speed is ivery important in the Fix and Flip business and we work hard to deliver a quick response and lending.

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Our bridge loans are twelve months long with minimum term of 6 months. Most importantly, we are the only hard money lender offering hard money loans without charging any points. Our lending process in Pennsylvania is based on the actual cost as opposed to After Repaired Value. The loan to value for Fix and Flip loans is between 75%-85% of purchase price and rehab cost. Loan to value for Ground-up construction is up to 75% of Hard Costs. Our terms are robust yet flexible and we do not typically charge for short term extensions.

The one thing to always keep in mind when it comes to Fix and Flip loans in Pennsylvania is to always make sure that your lender has local knowledge to effectively respond to your needs. This is especially important when it comes to ground-up construction or complicated condo conversions. We have been one of the top private hard money lenders in Pennsylvania and pride ourselves with being able to help so many Fix and Flip investors, real estate brokers and developers. Visit

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