The Advanced Smile Dentistry Office Now Uses The WaveOne® Gold System Technology For Root Canals!
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The Advanced Smile Dentistry office in Toms River, NJ now uses the WaveOne® Gold System technology for safer, easier, and faster root canal procedures to improve the procedure process.

TOMS RIVER, N.J. - JerseyDesk -- When it comes to preparing a root canal treatment, there is nothing quite like the WaveOne® Gold System technology. This single-file single-use system allows the skilled doctor to massively improve the root canal procedure process. The WaveOne Gold System will add to the Advanced Smile Dentistry office's number of advanced technologies that can be utilized for root canal procedures. Along with the CBCT scan, the WaveOne Gold System allows the doctor to perform more accurate and higher-quality root canal procedures than ever before.

The WaveOne Gold System is a new technology that allows for much safer, faster, and easier root canal treatments. With various length tips available, this system allows for one single use file per root canal treatment. The files are different sizes so that they can fit into the various sized canals that patients may have in their teeth. This allows for a more precise and accurate treatment.

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With the WaveOne Gold System technology, patients can enjoy a more flexible root canal procedure. This advanced system helps bring greater predictability to treatments as well, giving patients a more reliable improved smile. With improved efficiency, less cyclic fatigue, and a better overall reach, the doctor is able to give more effective and efficient root canal procedures.

Dr. David Basar, DDS, a skilled and knowledgeable doctor at the Advanced Smile Dentistry office, works to improve the function and health of patients' smiles with advanced technologies like the WaveOne Gold system. By being able to have more predictable and safer treatments, Dr. Basar can give patients the reliable procedure outcomes they deserve. The WaveOne Gold System is another necessary technology that is now able to improve patients smiles at this advanced office.

About Advanced Smile Dentistry: The Advanced Smile Dentistry office is located in Toms River, NJ and can provide patients with comprehensive care to improve the look, health, and function of patients' smiles.

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