Wohler releases out-of-band configuration tools for Riedel 2110 SFP's
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SAN FRANCISCO - JerseyDesk -- Wohler have announced that all their IP products (with the exception of the iAM-12G-SDI, which is still under development) now support out-of-band control for SMPTE 2110, the industry standard for media over IP networks. This free upgrade, which works with Wohler's Riedel-based 2110 SFPs (loaded with Riedel firmware version 3.09 or above), enhances the versatility and improves the interoperability of Wohler offerings with other SMPTE 2110-compliant systems. It offers customers even greater control over their audio and video workflows, leading to improved efficiency and higher-quality output.

Out-of-band control parameters can be set using Wohler's built-in browser-based user interface either globally or on a per-preset basis, allowing maximal flexibility to select for monitoring a/v streams with differing IP parameters and configurations at the touch of a preset.  Diagnostic data is also available.  The ease and utility of managing these parameters within the built-in Wohler browser interface is a step forward for one-stop configuration without involving multiple configuration applications.

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Out-of-band control in SMPTE 2110 refers to a method of controlling and managing media streams separate from the actual data flow of the media. In traditional in-band control, the control information is embedded within the media stream itself. In out-of-band control, the control information is sent over a separate network connection or by some other external means.

The benefit of out-of-band control is that it allows for more efficient and flexible management of media streams. It also reduces the amount of overhead in the media stream and allows for real-time adjustments to be made without affecting media data. This can lead to improved performance and greater reliability in media-over-IP systems.

"Based on operator feedback, out-of-band control for SMPTE 2110 is an important feature for professionals in the media and entertainment industry who need additional control and flexibility in their workflows. With this enhancement, our solution offerings are better equipped to meet the needs of these customers," says Amol Natekar VP of Engineering.

This free download is available as part of overall unit upgrade software for the iVAM Series, the AUDIO+ series and the iAM1/2-8 series from the downloads section of Wohler's website https://www.wohler.com/downloads/.  Please note that it is NOT YET AVAILABLE for the iAM-12G-SDI.

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